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Full magic package

This is the complete package that includes all of our workshops

  • 8 hours
  • On demand
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

This package contains the usage of all of our materials, volunteers that can guide the workshops and we will bring a completely decorated booth that we customise to the size of our booth. You will need to provide us with tables, chairs, electricity (min. 2x 16A), parking options and entrance bracelets. This package will be discussed as we have a few different options available depending on your event and what kind of reservation you would like to do with us. We have 3 different options for you to choose from: Option A: Fixed price per participant and they get to do whatever workshop(s) or their choice and you charge a fee to your participants. In this option we will charge you for our transport, accomodations and for the total amount of workshops that were done. We work with an pay in advance system, if there are extra participants or workshops, we will send a second invoice for the remaining amount. This option is interesting if you work with a ticket/token system where you can get participants to do registrations and payments in advance. Option B: Pay only for the transport and our accomodations, we will charge our own prices to the participants directly. This option is most interesting for big events like conventions, fairs or when you don't know how many people will join in. Option C: Fixed price per hour/day, you pay for our transport and a fixed price for the amount of time you book us. We will discuss the price in advance. This option is mostly picked when you have timeslots and where we can "calculate" the amount of expected participants in advance.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is not possible due to us requiring to order the materials in advance. If by any chance you do no longer have the option to join the workshops, we can always help you sell your ticket to someone else or you can sell it to someone else instead. Do notify us if you do, so we have the correct name in our registration list. If you can't find a new person, you are always allowed to join a future edition of the workshops and then you can join with your unused ticket.

Contact Details


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