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SOLD OUT: Geeky Cauldron Magic Craft Day

The first edition of our magical craft day, hosted in The Geeky Cauldron.

  • From 35 euros
  • The Geeky Cauldron

Service Description

The Compendium & Althreya Art are proud to host our first edition of the Magic Crafting Day in The Geeky Cauldron, Antwerp. We will bring all of our materials, including special materials you won't find on conventions and fairs to craft a variety of magical objects with you! The date and time of the location is: 14 july 2024 from 13u00 - 16u00 The tickets are limited*, so make sure you book in time! Every person who wants to join needs to book a ticket seperately as our system will allow us to order the correct amount of supplies. We provide 4 different options to choose from: - Craft a dice-set + potion flask (€35) - Craft a dice-set + spellbook (€35) - Craft a spellbook + potion flask (€35) - Craft a spellbook, potion flask and dice-set (€50) - Craft a spellbook, potion flask, dice-set and a magical wand (€70) Prices includes: - Unlimited use of decorative materials - Unlimited use of paint materials - Unlimited use of tools, hotglue, glueguns.. - Items mentioned in the above options - Guidance by our crew - One consumption per participant (Beer, Coffee, Tea, Soda) - 3 hours of us at your location There is an option to book a snack aswell (double croque monsieur) in advance, we'll bring some extra but not too many to provide during the event for those who would like to buy more or forgot to buy and crave for one. The price of this snack will be €5,00 for the croque and sauce (mayo, ketchup, curry). You can find the tickets here: During the event we'll also bring our art to display and give you the option to purchase any of them for a reasonable price. The Geeky Cauldron will also receive a contribution per participant to support their wonderfull location and its Hostess Hanna. *If there are more people that want to join and we'll notice this goes very fast, we'll open a second timeslot. Pay attention, if you book for one timeslot you are more then welcome to book for the second one aswell if it opens, but it is not possible to switch timeslots. It is also not possible to refund the tickets once purchased, you are allowed to sell your ticket to someone else (but let us know) or use the ticket for a future event. This is due to us needing to order items in the correct amount.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation is not possible due to us requiring to order the materials in advance. If by any chance you do no longer have the option to join the workshops, we can always help you sell your ticket to someone else or you can sell it to someone else instead. Do notify us if you do, so we have the correct name in our registration list. If you can't find a new person, you are always allowed to join a future edition of the workshops and then you can join with your unused ticket.

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